Garmin Mobile XT 5.00.40 S60 FULL (5800/N95/E71...)

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Garmin Mobile XT 5.00.40 S60 FULL (5800/N95/E71...)

Post  ===star=== on Sat Feb 13, 2010 5:56 pm

Garmin Mobile XT 5.00.40 S60 FULL (5800/N95/E71...)

Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60 3rd/5th Edition software version 5.00.40.

Tested and reported by members here to be fully working with the following devices (as long as my own 5800):

N79 - NisCAPE:
Working a treat on my NOKIA N79!!!! Great Upload Many Thanks !!!! Keep Up the good work !

6220 Classic - jellywobbles:
Fantastic post! Installed & working brilliantly on a Nokia 6220 Classic (running from sd card). Thanks very much

5800XM - Kinglout:
thanks for this, works great on the 5800!

N95 - blackout1:
This works great on my N95. Absolutely clear and simple instructions.
An excellent post that would cost around 50ukp if you were to buy it. Will save me getting lost and great for me as Im awful at reading maps. Thnx for the up.

N95 8gb - new__man:
thx! works fine on a n95 8gb!

E71 - tabi:
100 % working on Nokia E71, thanks again

Instructions to install: (French ones are in the archive):

_Plug your phone and use the mass storage/usb mode (not the PC Suite one !!!).
_Then copy those folders (Garmin,Private,Resource,Sys) from the main archive to the root of your device (E:\).
_Copy them one by one, otherwise you'll get a "Corrupted apps" error.(1)
_Unplug your phone, wait a few seconds and it will tell you that the app wasn't installed, it's normal.

_Go to your phone's app manager and finally install Garmin.
_Run it and get your personnal CardID in Tools->Settings->About.
_Write it down and close Garmin.

_On your computer, run the provided keygen and enter your CardID at the top (Enter your Unit ID here) then generate your unlock code.
_Copy/paste it into notepad and save this file (without any extension!) as "SW.UNL".
_Don't close the keygen and at the bottom in the "Map Product" dropdown field select <Custom Mapset> and enter "378" in the 1st field (FID).
_Copy/paste it into notepad and save this file (without any extension!) as "GMAPSUPP.UNL".

_Now copy those "GMAPSUPP.UNL" and "SW.UNL" files into the Garmin folder of your phone.
_Copy the unlocked map of your choice (GMAPSUPP.IMG) in the same folder (E:\Garmin).
_That's it, off you go! Just remember to turn on only the "Onboard/Phone GPS" in your phone's GPS settings to avoid beeing charged.
_This way, the 1st sat fix might take a little bit longer to get but it works i've installed it on 5 Nokia5800 phones.

(1) -
If you ever get this warning, remove all previous folders and start again, it will work.

Garmin MobileXT v5.00.40 full version:


Unlocked map - UK+Irland:


Unlocked map - Canada

Unlocked map - France












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