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Adobe® InDesign® CS4

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Adobe® InDesign® CS4 Empty Adobe® InDesign® CS4

Post  ===star=== Mon Feb 08, 2010 5:54 pm

Adobe® InDesign® CS4
Adobe® InDesign® CS4 Adobe-indesign-cs4
Adobe® InDesign® CS4 AdobeInDesignCS4_wm
Adobe® InDesign® CS4 F_Infom_f13e525

Design professional layouts for print and digital publishing

Adobe®️ InDesign®️ CS4 software breaks down the barriers between online and offline publishing. Create compelling print layouts, immersive content for playback in the Adobe Flash®️ Player runtime, and interactive PDF documents.


Live Preflight
Preflight while you design. Continuous preflighting alerts you to potential production problems in real time so you can quickly navigate to a problem, fix it directly in layout, and keep working.

Customizable Links panel
Find, sort, and manage all of your document's placed files in the customizable Links panel. View attributes that are most critical to your workflow such as scale, rotation, and resolution.

Conditional Text
Deliver multiple versions of a document for different users, all from a single Adobe®️ InDesign®️ source file. Hide text at paragraph, word, and even character level without relying on layers. The remaining text and anchored objects automatically reflow in the layout.

Simplify the writing, production, and management of long documents with flexible and powerful cross-references that dynamically update as content is changed or moved within a document.

Interactive document design with SWF file export
Transform page layouts into dynamic SWF files without working in the Adobe Flash®️ authoring environment. Create digital documents with interactive buttons, hyperlinks, and unique page transitions for playback in the Adobe Flash Player runtime.

Smart Text Reflow
Automatically add pages at the end of a story, selection, or document when text is overset using this new preference. Smart Text Reflow works hand in hand with conditional text as pages are automatically deleted or added when conditional text is hidden or shown in the document.

Page transitions in SWF and PDF files
Apply page transitions such as curl, wipe, dissolve, fade, and more to individual pages or all spreads, and output to SWF or PDF. Preview a page transition before it is applied, and experiment with speed and direction for greater design control.

Export to Adobe Flash CS4 Professional
Export documents to the XFL format and open them in Flash CS4 Professional with the visual fidelity of your original InDesign layout maintained. Use Flash to add sophisticated interactivity, animation, and navigation to complex layouts for an engaging reading experience.

Smart Guides
Quickly align, space, rotate, and resize single or multiple objects with the help of dynamic guides. The guides, object dimensions, rotation angles, and x and y coordinates appear dynamically so you can quickly snap an object's edge or its vertical or horizontal center to another object or page edge in the layout.
Spread rotation

Temporarily rotate the spread view without physically turning your monitor. Enjoy full editing capability at 90- and 180-degree angles so that you can easily include nonhorizontal elements in your designs.
Adobe® InDesign® CS4 F_Download2m_6febc43


Adobe® InDesign® CS4 2dl14av[url][/url]

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Adobe® InDesign® CS4 Empty Re: Adobe® InDesign® CS4

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