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Miranda Lambert - Miranda Lambert (2001) (224 Kbps)

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Miranda Lambert - Miranda Lambert (2001) (224 Kbps) Empty Miranda Lambert - Miranda Lambert (2001) (224 Kbps)

Post  evo420 Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:06 am

Miranda Lambert - Miranda Lambert (2001)

Miranda Lambert - Miranda Lambert (2001) (224 Kbps) 2akiwoy

Quality: 224 Kbps

1. Somebody Else
2. Texas Pride
3. Lyin' Here
4. Another Heartache
5. What In the World
6. Jack Daniels
7. Texas As Hell
8. Something That I Like About A Honky Tonk
9. Last Goodbye
10. Wichita Falls

The very rare independent release from Miranda Lambert. This was released independently while Miranda was trying to land a major record label contract. The production is definitely not as good as a major label can afford, however, the quality is surprisingly good. The lesser quality production shows most in the sound of Miranda's voice which, compared to the big dollars that a major label can afford, makes Miranda's voice sound a lot younger and without the depth that she's capable. With that said, however, it's still a great album for Miranda Lambert fans. As her hardcore fans already know, this album didn't sell very well (probably due mainly to a lack of advertising). In 2003 she made a name for herself while competing in the CMT show "Nashville Star" which was virtually identical to American Idol except that it showcases country artists. She ended up coming in third place behind Buddy Jewell (winner) and John Artur Martinez (second place). For those who find her as hot as I do you may be interested to know that the last reports I heard had her dating fellow country music star Blake Shelton.



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