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Money Never Sleeps

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Post  ~jammy~ Sat Feb 13, 2010 5:41 pm

Money Never Sleeps
Secrets of Economic Indicators - Hidden Clues to Future Economic Trends

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Every day, stocks, bonds, and currencies bounce wildly in response to new economic indicators. Money managers obsess over those statistics, because they provide crucial clues about the future of the economy and the financial markets. Now you can use these indicators to make smarter investment decisions, just like the professionals do. You don't need an economics degree, or a CPA... just this easy-to-use book.

Former TIME Magazine senior economics reporter Bernard Baumohl has done the impossible: he's made economic indicators fascinating.

Using real-world examples and stories,Baumohl illuminates every U.S. and foreign indicator that matters.Where to find them.What they look like. What the insiders know about their track records. And exactly how to interpret them.

Whether you're an investor, broker, portfolio manager, researcher, journalist,or student, you'll find this book indispensable. Nobody can predict the future with certainty. But The Secrets of Economic Indicators will get you as close as humanly possible.

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Money Never Sleeps Rose

Money Never Sleeps Rose


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