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Keane - Night Train (2010) @320

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Keane - Night Train (2010) @320 Empty Keane - Night Train (2010) @320

Post  evo420 Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:03 am

Keane - Night Train
(2010) MP3 @320 CBR

After learning that Keane had delved into rap for their new EP, I have to admit feeling reluctant to give it a go for fear of disappointment. Rap has NEVER been my cup of tea; I have always found it tedious and the lyrics more often than not full of idiotic show-offy 'macho' rhetoric. But, I went ahead and bought Night Train anyway, and the fusion of the two styles has me pleasantly surprised!

Night Train is like the best of Perfect Symmetry merged with even catchier beats and, as one other reviewer has stated, 'surprisingly witty' rap lyrics interspersed here and there. The rap never feels out of place to me - it blends in and out of the beats and seems to compliment Tom Chaplin's indie vocals.

Keane - Night Train (2010) @320 DreKlyZoNe-Keane-NightTrain-front

01. House Lights
02. Back In Time
03. Stop For A Minute
04. Clear Skies
05. Ishin Denshin (You've Got To Help Yourself)
06. Your Love
07. Looking Back
08. My Shadow

Artwork Included ::

Keane - Night Train (2010) @320 DZ-Down


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